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 Excel Compare 3.0.2 beta

Excel Compare is a tool that saves you the trouble of manually searching for differences and offers you computer-aided comparing of Excel files. The results of the comparison are represented on a new Excel sheet which displays the added, deleted and changed data. Use this tool for analyzing the changes made.


  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Excel
  • Creates Difference Report as a new Excel sheet
  • Highlights the cells that have changed
  • Allows for comparing of any selected ranges of a sheet
  • Allows for comparing all files located in two different directories
  • Supports Project settings
  • Allows the automatic addition of user-defined macros to the report workbook.
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Active File Compare. More info...

 Active File Compare 2.0 beta 1

Active File Compare is an advanced utility for the comparison and synchronization of any text files in visual mode. Use this tool to compare two versions of the same file or to correct the source code versions.


  • Side-by-side file comparing
  • Synchronizing differing fragments
  • Syntax highlighting for C++, Java, Basic, Delphi, HTML etc.
  • File Manager consisting of two side by side windows
  • Comparing the contents of two folders
  • Zip, Tar and GZip archives support
  • Multilingual interface.
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VBA Code Compare. More info...

 VBA Code Compare 0.4 beta

VBA Code Compare allows you to compare and merge any Visual Basic code embedded into a VBA project (macros, sheet code, module code etc.). VBA Code Compare uses direct access for working with VB modules. Thus, you don't have to export the source code to a file for comparing and import the edited code back.

VBA Code Compare is freeware.


  • Side-by-side file comparing
  • Synchronizing (merging) differing fragments
  • Syntax highlighting for Visual Basic
  • Supports Excel, Access and Word documents.
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 Latest news
(March 16, 2018)

The new version of Excel Compare
will be available soon.

Excel Compare 3.0.2 beta
(July 31, 2011)

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of Excel Compare.

Product Update:
* Full support of Windows 7
* Full support of Excel 2007 and Excel 2010
* Support of Office Open XML file format
* New feature: Copy a heading to a report.

Excel Compare main window

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Excel Compare 2.4
(August 10, 2008)

What's new:
* Fixed some minor bugs;
* Fixed the bug that caused incorrect comparison results if the spreadsheet had the hidden columns.

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Excel Compare 2.3 beta
(April 10, 2007)

What's new:
* The program failed to work, causing an error "Cannot open clipboard";
* Some critical and minor bugs are fixed.

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VBA Code Compare
0.4 beta

(April 4, 2006)

What's new:
* Supports Word VBA projects;
* Supports command line options;
* More...

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Active File Compare
2.0 beta 1

(March 15, 2006)

The product prices include a 50% discount during testing period!

What's new:
* Supports Zip, Tar and GZip archives. Archive files are treated as folders
* New option: "Ignore columns"
* Drag and drop support
* Bug fixed.

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